Brentwood Rare Fruit Farm (Organic)

Brentwood Rare Fruit Farm (Organic)

3028 Propeller Lane Brentwood


All-natural, 100% organic farm. Pre-picked Pakistan mulberry fruit (May & June); Pre-picked fresh jujube (Chinese red date, September & October); Pre-picked fresh olive (November – February), Organic Pakistan mulberry leaf tea (year-round); loquats & variety of fruits. This farm is near the corner of Sunset & Quail Trl in Brentwood/Knightsen. Visit our website www.brentwoodrarefruitfarm.com to get more information, call to check availability, and place orders. We also do mail order that is shipped nationwide via priority mail or first class mail.


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U-Pick Season is here. View our interactive map in the link below!