It’s Cherry U-Pick Time! Here is a list of our OPEN Farms this week. 


Weekend Cherry U-Pick Farms:


  • Mike’s U-Pick Cherries:  (Walk-ins) OPEN Thursday- Sunday at 8:30 AM – 3PM 
    • 611 Payne Ave. Brentwood, Ca
    • Picking Lapins
  • Three Nunns Farm: OPEN daily 9AM – 6PM 
    • Picking Rainiers & Lapins
    • Featuring Tractor Rides

Weekend Other U-Pick Farms:


  • Canciamilla Ranch: OPEN DAILY 9-5
    • 401 Eureka Ave, Brentwood, CA
    • Picking Peaches and Nectarines
  • Heritage Family Farm: Open Saturday & Sunday from 9AM – 4PM
    • 2500 Concord Ave, Brentwood, CA
    • U-Pick white donut peaches, yellow peaches, and blackberries
  • Moffatt Ranch Peaches: Open Daily from 8AM -4PM
    • 1870 Walnut Blvd, Brentwood, CA
  • McKinney Farms (A Peachy Place): (Walk-ins) Saturday & Sunday 8AM-4PM
    • 25265 Marsh Creek Rd, Brentwood, CA, 94513
    • Picking White Peaches and white nectarines this weekend! 
  • Pomeroy Farm: GRAND OPENING (Walk-ins) OPEN Saturday & Sunday beginning at 8AM
    • 1600 Eureka Avenue, Brentwood CA
    • Sparkling May Nectarines, Bing Cherries, Rainier Cherries, Skeena “Dark Red” Cherries, Sweetheart “Red” Cherries
  • The Farmer’s Daughter Produce Stand & U-Pick: OPEN Daily 9-6PM
    • 23151 Marsh Creek Road Brentwood, CA
  • (Organic) The Urban Edge Store: OPEN for U-Pick Apricots on Saturday at 9AM
    • 2017 Walnut Blvd Brentwood, CA
    • Picking Apricots8

 Pre-Picked Fruit Only

  • Berry Best Family Farm: Farm Stand OPEN Monday-Sunday 9AM-5:30PM; Strawberry UPICK OPEN May 14th 9:30-12PM
    • 7450 Balfour Road, Brentwood

    U-Pick Season is here. View our interactive map in the link below!