Berry Best Family Farm

Berry Best Family Farm


Berry Best Family Farm offers you four varieties of berry delicious sweet strawberries for U-pick. Our orchard is blossoming with peaches, nectarines, apricots, plums, plumcots, cherries, and figs. We have the sweetest olallieberries, boysenberries, and two of our best varieties of sweet delicious blackberries. This year will have fresh picked sweet yellow and red onions, super sweet sugar peas, fava beans, romaine lettuce, red and green cabbage, broccoli, leeks, beets, kale, and carrots. Come see why we’re Berry Best. We have the sweetest strawberries in the county.

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Three Nunns Farm Brentwood

Three Nunns Farm


Welcome to our family farm! Our goal is for each and every visitor to have a safe & fun experience! Upon arrival, please visit our Produce Stand for important information. Each harvest season, we have freshly picked produce and U-Pick opportunities. We accept cash or card and provide free parking.

Farming attracted our great great grandfather, George Nunn, to the rich soils of Brentwood almost 150 years ago. Slowly, other family members joined him and they set down roots in their beautiful surroundings. They began building a farming business that is still run by fourth, fifth, and sixth generation members of the Nunn Family. Today, we are so proud to continue the tradition of bringing superb agricultural products to California.

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Creswell Family Farms

Creswell Family Farms


At Creswell Family Farms, located in Brentwood at the intersection of Point of Timber Road and Byron Highway, the arrival of spring brings with it a bounty of ripe strawberries just waiting to be picked. Our small farm offers a delightful picking experience.

With roots in agriculture dating back to 1986, the Creswell family is no newbie to farming. With experience in growing Fuji Apples and Olives, they are branching out with their latest venture – a brand new strawberry u-pick farm that is all set to welcome U-pick enthusiasts.

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Byron Growers


Founded in 2024, Byron Growers Family Farm embarked on its journey with a modest plot devoted to nurturing strawberries. However, despite its recent establishment, Byron Growers brings over 15 years of farming expertise to the table. Fueled by passion and a commitment to responsible land stewardship, what began as a labor of love has flourished into a sprawling 2-acre u-pick haven. Nestled against the picturesque backdrop of Mt Diablo, the family-owned farm invites school groups, locals, and visitors to indulge in the serenity and charm of agriculture.

Byron Growers Family Farm stands as a testament to the resilience, dedication, and sheer passion that drive the art of growing strawberries and fostering the u-pick experience. Set amidst the Harvest Time Farming community, renowned as the u-pick capital of the world, Byron Growers embodies the essence of hard work and the joy of sharing fresh produce with farm enthusiasts.

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Chao’s Strawberries


Owned and operated by the Chao family, whose roots trace back to the lush terrains of Southeast Asia, specifically the Iu Mien people, Chao’s Strawberry Upick is more than just a farm—it’s a testament to tradition and hard work.

Having immigrated from Thailand in the 90s, the Chao family brings with them a rich background in traditional agriculture. Their expertise in cultivating crops on hillside terraces has seamlessly translated into their cultivation of strawberries here in the USA. With over a decade of farming experience under their belt, the Chao family’s dedication and passion shine through in every juicy berry they grow.

What sets Chao’s Strawberry Upick apart is its familial atmosphere. Mom Chao can often be found tenderly tending to the strawberry plants, hand-picking the ripest berries for the farm stand. And when you stop by the stand, you’re greeted not just by the fruits of their labor, but by the warm smiles of Mom Chao, her daughters, grandson, son-in-law, relatives and friends, who are always ready to lend a hand or answer any questions you may have.

So come on down to Chao’s Strawberry Upick, where tradition meets modern farming, and where every berry is grown with love and care by a family who truly knows their craft.

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