Pomeroy Farm

Pomeroy Farm

1600 Eureka Avenue Brentwood

We Are Currently:Closed

Open july 27,28,29,30 and 31with are gorgeous large Westley apricots at our 1600 eureka ave. Orchard


U-Pick Bing, White Rainier & Brooks Cherries at 22501 Marsh Creek Rd. west of Walnut Blvd. U-Pick White Rainier & Bing Cherries on Payne Ave. east of Walnut Blvd. Cherry season runs approximately May 20th – June 25th. U-Pick Springcrest, Flavorcrest, Earlirich & Galaxy “UFO” Peaches, along with Sparkling June Nectarines. Also Patterson & Westley Apricots all at 1600 Eureka Ave., east of Walnut Blvd. approximately May 20th – July 20th. Walnut meats are available during the fruit season. Visit our website for more information: http://pomeroyfarm.net


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