Seko Ranch Cherries

Seko Ranch Cherries

487 Eureka Ave Brentwood

We Are Currently:Closed

Closed for the season! Thank you to all our customers for a wonderful season! Happy 4th of July! See you all next year!


Seko Ranch #26 opening u-pick date will be June 10th. Our u-pick hours will be 9-3 and our u-pick price is $4/pound. We accept cash and Venmo only. The varieties we will have available this weekend will be Bings, Brooks, Corals, and Rainiers(limited). Our stand will be open as well with pick and sorted Bings, Brooks, Corals, and Rainiers(limited) from 9-4 and they are $5/pound. Please visit our Facebook page for more information with what we allow in our orchard for u-pick. 

Varieties available: Brooks, Coral, Bing, Rainier, Tulare and Lapin – picked and U-pick. Phone orders accepted. Orders may also be e-mailed to: [email protected]


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